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Art Classes

Through the study of artists and their work, children will learn basic techniques, artistic elements, and forms. Each class, students will be introduced to a new artistic master and will begin to understand basic elements of their styles and characteristics. Students will have the opportunity to create their works featuring these learned elements and styles.

Leesburg Studio

Children 3-6 years 

Saturdays (9:00 - 11:00)

Summer Session Beginning June 22

Cost: $150 (includes all supplies)

Food, Fun, and Adventures for Kids

Cooking Classes

Our weekly class will immerse young chefs in a world of culinary creativity and discovery. In addition to developing cooking skills, our weekly classes incorporate elements necessary for a budding young chef.

LePort Reston

Children 3-6 years 

Mondays (3:15 - 4:15)

Session Beginning April 1*

Cost: $160 (includes supplies and food)

NOTE - Children currently enrolled in classes should selected the pro-rated menu option for discounted tuition of $105.

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